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14 rue pailleron
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Victor Vieillard, cConception et réalisation de projets artistiques sur-mesure dans l'espace public.
Hanging Garden Gold Edition – Moscou

Hanging Garden Gold Edition – Moscou

The installation consists in giving to this space a magic time thanks to a link: the hanging garden. Something which harmonize the pedestrian perception of this space. This element is a folded paper flower, as an origami which became a light reflector. 13 000 flowers create an ephemeral hanged landscape, above our heads at a time diurnal and nocturnal. At nightfall, light colours the flowers and golden reflection reveals a new dimension of «hanging garden», poetical…

A hanging garden of golden flowers, rippling in the wind. The hanging garden flowers, with its stars, the Tretyakovsky Proezd. A project which leavens the eyes of passersby in heaven.

The origami poetry evokes, with a single object common to all the world. My folding assimilates either to a flower or to a star from the sky. It is a receptacle of light that returns white side,

color and golden side, the reflection, the shine. This object placed in suspension undulates on himself and changes the perception of Tretyakovsky Proezd.

  • Festival lumière MOSCOU
  • Maitre d’ouvrage: Ville de Moscou – Russie
  • Direction Artistique: Congo Bleu
  • Mandataire: Victor Vieillard, Concepteur éclairagiste
  • Mission: Conception et réalisation
  • Lieu de réalisation: Tretyakovsky Proezd. Centre de Moscow.
  • Réalisation du 15 décembre 2013 au 31 février 2014
  • Dimension du projet: 100 meters x 15 meters pour 13000 origamis.